Are you treatment-ready?

Needing treatment and being ready for treatment are two very different things. I see all too often, patients who seek treatment only to waste time and money, because they were not prepared, or their treatment provider did not fully assess their readiness. Ask yourself these question to assess your treatment readiness:

1. Do I have the time and energy to make my treatment a priority? For example, if one is going through a difficult divorce, significant substance abuse or is in a major career transition, it may be beneficial to settle those other aspects of your life prior to initiating treatment.

2. Do I have the time and energy to "work" my treatment in between sessions? Unlike talk therapy where one can usually vent for a hour and go about their day, treatment for these disorders are quite different. Meeting once a week with the therapist is only the beginning, and daily practice and effort is necessary to reach your treatment goals.

3. Is my family on-board with treatment? While ones family does not necessarily have to support treatment, it is definitely helpful. Families have the ability to sabotage and derail one's efforts if they are not in support treatment. Parents of children engaging in treatment must also be prepared to play a significant, but not overbearing role in the treatment process as well.

4. Do I genuinely want to get better? This may sounds like a very strange question, but I ask every one of my patients that very questions. In other words, is the time, energy & money worth it to you, or would you rather continue with your current symptoms?

You can stop pulling & Picking!

TRICHOTILLOMANIA is a disorder that causes someone to pull out the hair from their scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic area or other parts of the body, which can result in noticeable bald patch in that area. The pulling differs in severity from person to person. Trichotillomania is a Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior, along with DERMATILLOMANIA (skin picking) and nail biting. These disorders can affect people of all ages. To find out more about these disorders and treatment please click HERE.

TREATMENT for TRICH- I am a registered provider through the Trichotillomania Learning Center, graduate of TLC's Professional Training Institute and have specialized training in the Comprehensive Model for Behavioral Treatment of Trichotillomania (ComB), which is one of the most effective treatments known today. I treat toddlers 2 and up and their parents, children, adolescents and adults for Trich, Skin-Picking, Nail Biting and other BFRBs. Individual sessions are offered in-office and online using a secure and easily downloaded video program. Because these disorders are often misunderstood, it is important to seek treatment from a specialist. When looking for a treatment provider the questions below may be helpful in your search. If a therapist seems unwilling to answer your questions, they may not be the best choice. You have the right to make an educated decision when choosing a treatment provider: 

  • Are you a professional member of the Trichotillomania Learning Center? (this is a good sign)

  • What specialized training have you received to treat these disorders? ( trained in CBT, HRT or a graduate of the TLC institute are good signs)

  • How many patients with these disorders have you treated in the past?