Behavior Coaching, consultation, & supervision

Behavior Coaching is a non-clinical service option for those not residing in a state where I am licensed to provide therapy (I am licensed in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho & Tennessee). Behavior Coaching involves education around the issues of concern, learning of new skills, practice in session, and implementation of skills into your daily life. In this process I am functioning in the capacity of a Behavior Coach and therefore do not diagnosis, give clinical recommendations, or coordinate clinical care. Please contact me to discuss services if interested in learning more.

Consultation is an option for those in a support position (parents, other mental health practitioners, students) who are interest in learning more about the treatment methods I provide so that they can use that information to further their personal growth, clinical practice, or to help others. 

Supervision is for new graduates who are pursuing their independent license and have a specific interest in my area of expertise. I am currently not accepting new supervisees. Please check back in Spring 2020.