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I received my undergraduate from the University of Memphis followed by the life changing opportunity to work in East Africa. My experience in Kenya was the catalyst for my interest in OCD & Anxiety. I then received my graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Tennessee where I was a national LEND fellow (Leadership & Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) and received specific training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety & related disorders.

Clinical Expertise


I am a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) licensed in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, & Tennessee. My practice is dedicated to the evidence based treatment of OCD, Tourette & related disorders. These treatments include Exposure and Response Prevention, Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and more. In addition to my private practice, I speak at various conferences, provide local and nationwide training, and serve as resident therapist for mental health related camps & retreats. Prior to entering full-time private practice I was a faculty member at the University of Tennessee where I trained medical residents in evidence based care for pediatric anxiety, parent training, and more.

My professional affiliations:

  • Board Member of OCD Gamechangers

  • Member of International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation

  • Member of the TLC Foundation for BFRBs.

  • Member of Tourette Association of America

  • Member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

My media contributions:

I am passionate about my work and, if I get the opportunity to work with you or your child, I hope you will find that I am compassionate and down-to-earth, have a level of knowledge and expertise you can trust, and respect your time.

I am married with two school age children. When not working I am traveling, running, or enjoying the outdoors in other ways. I believe in a healthy work/life balance which is why I am out of the office a minimum of 4 weeks a year.


"Words cannot express my gratitude for Ashley. I found her during a time in my life when my whole world felt like it was turned upside down due to my anxiety. Having never experienced symptoms like this before, I felt completely lost. Ashley has a very caring and nurturing personality that helps put you at ease during your first conversation with her. Not only is she accepting, non-judgmental and totally approachable, she also knows what she's talking about. While having your best interest at heart, she helps you build the tools you need to overcome the thoughts and anxieties you're experiencing to help you move on with your life. Quit looking for a person to talk to about your anxieties. You found her. Ashley is your gal." - Lucy

"Having our 9 year old son see Ashley for CBIT was one the best decisions we have ever made. I was skeptical about doing online therapy (we are in Alaska), but after the first session I knew it was a good choice. Our son had severe motor and vocal tics, which are almost non-existent at this point. We worked through CBIT for 9 weeks with Ashley and saw dramatic improvement!"   -Janise, mother to son with Tourette.

  "The OCD Expert! In a very short amount of time Ashley has helped me make amazing progress with my OCD. OCD is different for every person, and Ashley was quick to understand the fundamental "rules"  that were governing my behavior and how to overturn them quickly. She was always receptive to  my feedback but made her expectations clear, pushing me every day to go just a little bit further  than I would have been willing to go without her guidance. She has always been receptive to my questions and provided clear explanations for why she was   setting me on a certain path. She has truly changed my life and I can't thank her enough" -Paul

"I am so thankful we found Ashley. She was able to help my teenage daughter control her severe anxiety. After seeing Ashley a few times we could see a remarkable difference in our daughter's demeanor. We now feel like we have our old daughter back, thanks to her help." -Melissa M.

 "After suffering from social anxiety for the majority of my adult life, I felt as though I was  destined for a life of solitude. After losing several opportunities within my company due to lack  of engagement in social settings, I decided to seek help. I progressed weekly through treatment with Ashley, and finished treatment after roughly 3 months. I now feel confident at work, making small talk on the golf course, and in one day pursuing a relationship. I only wish I sought  out therapy sooner". --- George R. 

"As a retired adult dealing with severe skin-picking, I thought the battle was hopeless. Then, I found Ashley. She renewed my hope and was, by far, the most knowledgeable therapist I've spoken to about BRFBs. She gave me tangible tools to use immediately to get this behavior under control. I still slip from time to time, but overall my picking has dropped by leaps and bounds. - J.B

" Our 10 year old daughter pulled out her eyelashes since she was in preschool. It was something we learned to live with, but as our daughter aged, she asked for help to stop. We found Ashley and our daughter was pull-free in about 8 weeks. Our daughter has so much more confidence now, not only because she now has her beautiful eye lashes back but because she feels a sense of control over this behavior." - Lisa K.